Saturday, 29 September 2012

Fifa 12 Apk+SD

Fifa 12 Apk+SD Files Mediafire Torrent

Experience the action of your favorite sport like never before! Watch matches come to life with vibrant graphics and ultra-realistic animations.

Requires Android: 2.2 and up

Root Needed? : No

Version: 1.3.98

Download Links:
Fifa12 Apk+Data+TTB(HVGA,QVGA,WVGA,TAB)Part1
Fifa12 Apk+Data+TTB(HVGA,QVGA,WVGA,TAB)Part2
Fifa12 Apk+Data+TTB(HVGA,QVGA,WVGA,TAB)Part3
Fifa12 Apk+Data+TTB(HVGA,QVGA,WVGA,TAB)Part4
Fifa12 Apk+Data+TTB(HVGA,QVGA,WVGA,TAB)Part5
Fifa12 Apk+Data+TTB(HVGA,QVGA,WVGA,TAB)Part6
Fifa12 Apk+Data+TTB(HVGA,QVGA,WVGA,TAB)Part7
Fifa12 Apk+Data+TTB(HVGA,QVGA,WVGA,TAB)Part8
Fifa12 Apk+Data+TTB(HVGA,QVGA,WVGA,TAB)Part9
Fifa12 Apk+Data+TTB(HVGA,QVGA,WVGA,TAB)Part10
Fifa12 Apk+Data+TTB(HVGA,QVGA,WVGA,TAB)Part11
Fifa12 Apk+Data+TTB(HVGA,QVGA,WVGA,TAB)Part12

Fifa12 Apk+Data+TitaniumBackup File(HVGA,QVGA,WVGA,TAB)

Offline Apk:
Fifa12 Apk Offline(No Connection Required)
Offline apk 

Online APK is in the ZIP file and offline apk link is given above.
Install Apk and place data folder in SDCard/Android/Data/ and play.
Use titanium backup file in case if data does not recognize in your phone.


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